An important component of DEMOS with POSITIVE IMPACT is the inclusion of visualizations components. We have tried to include different types of visualizations that are appropriate for the particular demo. In most cases we have included animations that introduce the demo and others which can be used by instructors as part of a lecture or presentation on the mathematical topic that is the focus of the demo. In this regard we have tried to include animations that are easy to run in various browsers and on various hardware. The two formats we have use are animated GIFs and QUICKTIME animations. The GIFs can be run using a variety of viewing tools that usually come standard with the operating system. Some of the GIF viewing tools have a start-stop feature which is very convenient for classroom use. The QUICKTIME animations require a plugin, the QUICKTIME player, which is a free download. (Click here.) The QUICKTIME player comes standard with a start-stop feature.

For some demo topics we have constructed a GALLERY of animations that provide a set of animations for the mathematical topic. A good example of this is the Gallery of volume visualizations for solids of revolution. We have also include galleries for Word Problems , Related Rates , and Max-Min.