The term visualization is taken to mean the description of a process using geometrical, graphical, or physical representations.

Since mathematics is the science of patterns, it is natural to try to find the most effective way to visualize these patterns and to learn to use visualization creatively as a tool for understanding. This is the essence of mathematical visualization. In mathematics, visualization is not an end in itself but a means toward an end which is understanding. To visualize a problem means to understand the problem in terms of a physical model, diagram, or visual image.

VISUALLY ORIENTED DEMOS are an accompaniment to instruction that

       grabs the attention of the learner,

       spawns a mental snapshot of an idea,

       and aids in retention.

When using a visual presentation as part of a demo, extra care must be used. Be ready to interpret the visual components. 

“Vision” is not visualization; to see is not necessarily to understand.

Visualization implies understanding!

Excerpts from “Visualization in Teaching and Learning Mathematics”, MAA Notes Number 10