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Domain and Range 
Domain & Range Gallery for piecewise defined functions


Families of Functions and Curves

Conic Section Gallery circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas
Exponential and Logarithmic Gallery ax + b, a ex+b + c, a ln(x+b) + c, a (1- e-bx ), etc. 
Polar Gallery cardiods, rose curves, spirals, limacons, lemniscates, etc.
Polynomial & Rational Gallery linear, quadratic, cubic, square & cube root, power functions, etc.
Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Gallery generation of the six trig functions, arcsin, arccos, arctan


Investigating Continuity   
Continuity Gallery  for piecewise defined functions


along Functions           

Monotonicity Gallery  + at points on the curve indicates increasing and - decreasing


The DREADED Verbal Problems
Constructing Equations (from Word Problems) Gallery box problem, roll a rectangle, forming a cone, build a gutter, etc.
Max-Min Gallery minimize time row & walking, max area of inscribed rect., etc.
Related Rates Gallery sliding ladder, shadow when walking, rolling snowball, etc.


Volume of Solids        
The Disk Method Gallery x2, sqrt(x), sin(x), x2|sin(2px)|, exp(-x)|cos(2px)|, etc.
The (Cross) Section Method Gallery triangular cross sections , semicircular cross sections, etc.
The Shell Method Gallery regions  between curve & axis, between two curves, etc.
The Washer Method Gallery revolved about the x-axis, the y-axis, etc.


Partial Derivatives  
Partial Derivatives Geometrically Gallery  A variety of surfaces showing x-partials and y-partials.


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