Matrix Algebra Demos

Objective: To provide movies with audio for basic matrix algebra computations that can be used by instructors as part of a lecture and by students for self-study.

Level: High school or college courses in which basic matrix algebra techniques are introduced.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a matrix, its entries, and their row-column addresses is required. The animation on a the matrix vector product assumes familiarity with linear combinations. If the animation on the method of elimination is to be used, then the concepts of coefficient matrix, right side and augmented matrix will be needed. For the animations based on the MATLAB routine reduce, familiarity with row operations is required.

Platform: No particular software is required, other than the Flash player which is a free download. Go to

If you have MATLAB, the routine reduce, described as follows

Perform row reduction on matrix A by explicitly choosing
row operations to use. A row operation can be "undone", but
this feature cannot be used in succession. This routine is
for small matrices, real or complex.

can be downloaded by clicking here.


Instructor's Notes: The matrix algebra computations of Dot Product, Matrix Addition, Matrix Vector Product, Matrix Multiplication, and the Method of Elimination are traditionally done with discussion and examples on a chalk board or white board. Here we present an alternative mode of presentation utilizing Flash movies with audio that present step-by-step examples of the operations or procedures. The movie can be stop and reversed to review or emphasize a point, or to respond to student questions when used in a lecture format. The audio can be turned off if desired. The movies can be included in assignments or used for self study.

The examples used in the movies are similar to those appearing in many texts for matrix algebra or linear algebra. Thus they involve small matrices with integer entries.

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