<==Click here to see a menu of functions.
  • Select a function from the drop down menu.
  • Use the slider at the bottom of the graph to move the cross hair + along the curve. You will see x- and y-coordinates displayed at the location of the cross hair.
  • By moving the slider determine and record the following information on separate sheet of paper:

   > Function name.

   > Intervals over which it is increasing.
(There may be more than one.)  

   > Intervals over which it is decreasing.
(There may be more than one.)  






This applet uses Java Components for Mathematics Version 1.0 (NSF DUE-9950473). 
The jcm1.0-config.jar file should be in the same folder as this html file to execute properly.

                                                                                                       9/21/2004              DRH