Exercise 4: Find the sinusoid that matches y = f(x).

Please be patient! On some machines the graph may take a short time to appear.
  • On the left is a graph of
    y =


  • Below the graph you will find three sliders. These sliders will control the values of the coefficients a, b, and c in the sinusoid
                  y = a*sin(b*x) + c
  • Move the sliders to make the red graph match the green graph. Then record the equation of the f(x).
  • Note: the values of a, b, and c should be recorded as whole number multiples of +1/4 or -1/4.


This applet uses Java Components for Mathematics Version 1.0 (NSF DUE-9950473). 
The jcm1.0-config.jar file should be in the same folder as this html file to execute properly.

                                                                                                       6/17/2004              DRH