Mathematica Notebooks:  Washer Method

These Mathematica notebooks provide the code to produce animations to illustrate the steps involved in the washer method for finding volumes of solids of revolution. By making suitable modifications, it is possible to change the region to be revolved.

Documentation within the notebook illustrate what parts of the code should be changed so that different regions might be used. This notebook is an example only: it is not intended to cover every possible region you may wish to use. You may have to make additional modifications to suit the particular region with which you are working. By studying the code and through experimentation you should be able to modify the code as your example requires.

Because it takes a significant time to render the graphics, it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you run the program in class in real time unless you have a fast processor. It is easier to generate the graphics ahead of time and then select the frames to animate. The graphics consume a large amount of space so the Mathematica notebook is saved without the embedded graphics.

Surface of Revolution:  Notebook for region revolved about the x-axis is HERE.

Surface of Revolution:  Notebook for region revolved about the y-axis is HERE.

Mathematica code produced for Demos with Positive Impact (NSF-DUE 9952306) by

Lila F. Roberts
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460

Copyright 2002. All Rights Reserved.